Love a Chihuahua, it will brighten your day!

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Updated 8/6/2019

Welcome and thank your for visiting Love a Chihuahua! We are located in Holland Patent, New York. About 45 min east of Syracuse and 15 min north of Utica.  Please read and visit all of our pages, we love sharing photos of our Chihuahua family and all our other fur babies too!! Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at [email protected] 


My love of Chihuahuas started with one little male I named Samson. He was a "big" boy in a very small body. He was everything I could have ever wanted and definitely more than I ever dreamed. He loved me, always wanted to be with me, followed me wherever I went. Even though he was my baby...(I mean baby because he would cry for me if I left him in the car with my husband while I ran in the store or when I got in the shower and he couldn't see me, he would lay on my slippers or my flip flops until I got out or when I couldn't hold him while I preparing a meal, he was always right at my feet...if he wasn't sitting on them)!! Even though he was this way with me he was ALWAYS friendly with anybody who came into our home, friend, family or stranger. He was always willing and ready to play fetch and welcome you to our home. We had such a close bond that I knew I could never be without a Chihuahua, or two or three again!

You can read more about Samson on his own page.

Sam is why I fell in love with this amazing breed. Chihuahuas are the Best.... they love their people, love being with them, they love to make them happy, they love to give kisses, they love to play AND they love to cuddle!! Maybe, if you get even just a piece of what Samson and I had, you will be blessed beyond anything you ever dreamed possible and I mean that with ALL of my HEART!!! Words cannot express how beautiful he was to me!!

Our Chihuahuas are part of our family and live in our home with us. I wouldn't have it any other way...what's the sense in having them if they can't be a part of your life and with you??!! They are in our hearts, on our couches, in our beds and they have their little pet beds (although they don't use them much lol) and toys for play. They are not kennel dogs. All of my Chihuahuas are available for visits. They will look for your lap to visit on or will bring you a toy for you to throw for them. Of course they all bark at first but they always settle down and then are ready to visit. Not ALL Chihuahuas are nippy or yippy! It all depends on how they are raised, loved and socialized!

From time to time we will have adults and retired adults available because I want to keep my program very small and easy to be able to spend time with each and every Chihuahua in my home. This works out well too because some people really like to have an older, already trained and settled Chihuahua instead of training a puppy. I really think it's a toss up between getting a puppy at a young age or an adult, I've had them both and with love, training and time for adjustment, they are just as  loving and loyal no matter what the age.


Loving my Chihuahuas, loving taking pictures and wanting to share them is how this website began. I started taking my group pictures back in 2006 to send out for my Christmas cards (you can see these pictures on the More Chi's Pictures Page). I liked the challenge as well as the time I got to spend with them while taking their pictures. People are always asking me how do I get them to stay. My Chihuahuas have learned to just let mom do her thing and when it's all over with, they will get some nice and well deserved treats and of course a lot more hugs and kisses :)

I raise Chihuahuas because I LOVE the breed and LOVE having them as a part of my life and would never be without one and I hope to be able to provide that special furry family member for you to have in your life!!  Because these little ones are so precious to me, I do prefer you to pick your puppy up. This will allow you to meet the parents of your puppy and see how and where it was raised. We can also meet each other. I'm sorry I do not offer shipping.

I always like to keep in touch with my puppy buyers and I love getting photos and e-mails about them as they grow. I'm always available for questions! I hope you enjoy browsing my site because I love sharing all my pics of our Chihuahua family!

I do not let my puppies go before 8 weeks of age (as required by AKC) and sometimes may keep them past 12 weeks or even longer (especially my tiny pups) to ensure that they are totally ready for their new homes and that their transition from our home to yours is a HAPPY one.

My puppies are always vet checked, will have first set of puppy shots and are dewormed regularly. I will send home a new blanket (with scent of mama and litter mates), new toy, chewy, disc of puppy pictures, food, information and sometimes other little gifts to start your puppy off right. My puppies matured as adults have ranged from 2 lbs - 6 lbs (a couple have gone outside of the 6 lb range).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or you can call me at 315-206-4013.

Some of our Chihuahuas have moved on and gone to live with and bring happiness to other families, but they are always remembered in our pictures and they are always in our hearts.

        Love a Chihuahua, it will brighten your day!!


                                ....and it will brighten theirs!!