Love a Chihuahua, it will brighten your day!

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They LOVE "their" Grayson...and I think he loves them too! :) (I think Grayson thinks he's a Chihuahua tho....seriously! He plays fetch and gives kisses too!!)
Great, playful litter!!
Grayson and the pups just love each other. As soon as Grayson knows the pups are running around the living room he is there!! The pups follow him around just wagging their tales and giving him kisses!! Grayson tries to be gentle, sometimes he gets a little rough but I'm right there to remind him he has to be gentle...pups STILL love him!!
More pics hopefully tomorrow!! Pups are doing GREAT! They are also doing GREAT on the pee pad running around the living room or in their play pen area!! Smart pups for sure!!